Employee Or Not An Employee...
by Susan M. Zeamer, Esq.

It’s not exactly William Shakespeare, but it is an age-old question that seems to resurface cyclically. And now seems to be one of those periods of “resurfacing”, as the number of inquiries we have received in this area . . . [Full Article]

New Developments In Prevailing Wage
by Susan M. Zeamer, Esq.

“Prevailing Wage” – this two-word phrase can raise a range of emotions…all in the same person, and all at the same time. Prevailing wage can mean available work, when otherwise there aren’t many jobs to bid; and it can mean . . . [Full Article]

How to Prepare for and Present an Unemployment Insurance Appeal
by Lori N. Nacht, Esq.

This article includes information and tips on preparing for and presenting the employer’s case based on my observations and experience in my former position as a UI hearing examiner for the state of Maryland. If you follow . . . [Full Article]

Prompt Pay Acts For Contractors and Subcontractors
by David A. Flores, Esq.

I. Introduction.

The contractor/subcontractor prompt pay acts were enacted in the 1990's and remain confusing and ambiguous. The courts have had occasion to interpret them for over a decade and have helped . . . [Full Article]

Clarification on the Definition of "Son or Daughter" in Relation to the FMLA

by Laura Bailey Gallagher, Esq.

           On June 22, 2010, the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor issued Administrator's Interpretation ("letter") No. 2010-13

           clarifying the definition of "son or daughter" under the Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA") . . .[Full Article]

Salting Update: A Peppery Road

by Thomas R. Davies, Esq.

Salting is a tactic used by unions to infiltrate and organize nonunion employers. When this tactic is employed, unions send members known as salts to apply for jobs with targeted nonunion employers . . . [ Full Article]


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