• Personalized instruction by experienced employment law attorneys
  • Timely information on developing issues in employment & labor law
  • Pointers on designing HR policies and procedures to minimize legal risks

Does your company need legal training?

Legal education is a cost-effective measure that benefits every employer. Companies today are at huge peril of challenges to their employment practices. Education about your rights and obligations can minimize risks of costly and time-consuming legal challenges - preventing legal difficulties before they happen, and exercising damage control when incidents do occur. If litigation does arise, a track record of preventive training is a key part of the employer's defense.

Our attorneys:

Our experienced employment and labor law attorneys have represented management in state and federal courts across the country, and before key agencies such as the EEOC, NLRB and unemployment compensation boards. We strongly believe that a proactive approach is essential for achievement of your business objectives. Our seminars are an outgrowth of this belief, and over the years we have successfully educated countless managers and employees.

Seminar format:

Training takes place at your worksite and is tailored to your specific needs. Most programs are approximately a half-day in length, including classroom, workshop and discussion time. We can combine several seminars for convenience. Because we customize every presentation, all programs are priced individually. We will make every effort to develop a program to meet your budgetary and training requirements.

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for human resources and personnel decisions in your company should attend legal training. In addition, your front-line managers should attend. Front-line managers can react quickly to potential sources of legal strife, providing both timely reporting to upper management as well as immediate containment of problems. Therefore, it is critical that they understand the significance of their role. We also encourage you to provide legal awareness training to your executive management team. The key decision-makers in your organization ought to be aware of the complex layering of laws and regulations in human resources today. Providing this education improves the thoroughness with which your company can proactively develop strong policies to maximize your business goals. Finally, many of our seminar topics, such as sexual harassment, are also highly desirable for delivery to all your employees. We offer versions of the seminars to meet the needs of the audience.

We are confident that our seminars fulfill the most urgent training needs of employers today. We welcome the opportunity to present any of these programs to your staff, tailored to meet your individual needs. Please contact us to discuss any of these seminars in more detail.

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