Comprehensive Legal Awareness

This is our broadest legal training seminar. Participants learn the legal aspects of key areas of employee relations, including the high-risk areas of hiring, firing, disciplinary actions, and company reorganizations including downsizing and layoffs. They will discover how state and federal laws impact the employer/employee relationship, including medical leave and the FMLA, wage & hour issues, affirmative action, immigration, and labor relations. We highlight the topic of employment discrimination, including discrimination based on race, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, and disability. Through discussions of actual cases and examples using workplace situations, your managers see exactly how these laws impact the workplace. We strongly recommend this seminar for all front line managers and human resources personnel, and we encourage you to provide this seminar to non-managerial employees as well.

Reorganizing and Downsizing

Reorganizing your workforce, whether it entails re-engineering or downsizing, is not only one of the most difficult personnel processes, but also exposes your company to significant potential liability. This presentation provides an in-depth look at how developing and implementing a fair, objective and legally sound process reduces your risk of claims for discrimination and unlawful termination. We also discuss notification requirements for layoffs, issues of employee sabotage, workplace violence, and effective strategies for communicating your company's decision.

Workplace Violence

Keeping your workplace safe is not only good for your employees, it is required by law. This seminar gives your managers insight into the reasons why violence occurs in the workplace and educates them on how to spot signs of potential violence before incidents actually occur. Prevention and education are the best way to rid your company of this threat.

Union Avoidance

Participants acquire insight into the development and use of effective communication techniques and human resources policies that help a company proactively avoid unionization. For those companies already unionized, we explain how to remove a union through decertification. Your managers learn about current union organization tactics and programs, with practical advice on how to counter those efforts. After completing this seminar, participants will know what employers can and cannot do during an organization campaign, and will be able to implement strategies for lawfully detecting and monitoring union activity in the workplace.

Sexual Harrassment Prevention

Sexual harassment continues to be one of the hottest issues in the workplace today. Learning how to distinguish actionable sexual harassment from mere horseplay, developing and implementing policies prohibiting harassment, investigating employee complaints, and handling charges filed with administrative agencies are just some of the skills that participants will gain.

Conducting an Internal Investigation

A reasonable and prompt investigation is essential to successfully defending a discrimination claim. Improper investigations can not only be an impediment to your defense, but also can increase your company's legal liability. In this seminar, your company investigators discover how to conduct effective, efficient, and legally defensible investigations into workplace misconduct.

ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)

The ADA imposes a duty on employers to accommodate qualified individuals with disabilities. Learn who is an individual with a disability, as well as how far you have to go to accommodate an employee. This seminar explains the guidance emerging from the latest court cases, as well as how to implement and enforce effective ADA accommodation policies to avoid and control litigation. Participants will also learn the limitations on the amount of medical information you may obtain from employees.

FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

Employers must comply with strict federal laws and regulations on family and medical leave. Related state laws add another layer of complexity and confusion. This seminar provides an overview of those laws and offers pointers on developing policies that achieve company compliance. We also discuss the complicated and all-too-frequent situations involving the FMLA, ADA, workers' compensation and disability policies. The seminar provides a list of "do's and don'ts" for use in administering leave policies.

Hiring/Interviewing Practices

Question: Why did a huge retailer recently get hit with a $117,000 damage award? Answer: For asking improper interview questions. Each year, the pre-selection and hiring phase of the employment process yields an extraordinary number of discrimination claims. This seminar provides critical training for managers involved in candidate selection. Participants will learn about the legalities of proper hiring practices, background checks, and which questions you can and can't ask applicants.

Background & Reference Checks

In this program your managers discover how to most effectively use background and reference checks to select qualified candidates, and to minimize the danger of negligent hiring suits. This seminar also addresses the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how it affects your company if you are using third parties to conduct investigations.

Independent Contractors

What is the difference between a contractor and an employee? You may be surprised to learn that you have more employees than you realized! This seminar alerts you to conduct that turns a contractor into an employee. Participants learn how to differentiate between contractors and employees, and the legal reasons why you need to be concerned about the differences. We also show you strategies to design your workforce to include the blend of contractors and employees that best meets your needs.

Diversity Training

Sometimes our greatest strengths lie in our differences. Creating a workplace culture which not only meets the bare legal requirements of non-discrimination, but also embraces and values personal differences, makes good business sense from every perspective. This seminar explores the ways you can develop a corporate program that appreciates diversity while meeting legal standards under the various federal and state non-discrimination and affirmative action requirements.

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