• Personalized instruction by experienced construction attorneys
  • Practical advice on day-to-day issues such as handling change orders, documentations and project delays

Does your company need training?

Construction is a risky business. Appropriate training for both field and office personnel can increase your chances of getting paid for the work that you do and reduce the likelihood of claims being asserted against you.

Our attorneys:

Our experienced construction attorneys have represented general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, architects and developers in state and federal court proceedings, arbitrations as well as key agencies such as OSHA and DER. We also have unique experience in the field of construction labor law and have represented many contractors before the NLRB. This experience has taught us that many potential problems can be avoided, or at least kept manageable, if training is provided and that this approach is much more cost-effective than trying to solve problems after they occur.

Seminar format:

Training takes place at your worksite and is tailored to your specific needs. Most programs are approximately a half-day in length, including classroom, workshop and discussion time. We can combine several seminars for convenience. Because we customize every presentation, all programs are priced individually. We will make every effort to develop a program to meet your budgetary and training requirements.

Who should attend?

Depending on the specific area of training, anyone from the business owner to the jobsite foreman should attend the training which is specifically designed for the intended audience. We believe that these seminars meet the needs of the construction community and can help reduce the risks inherent in the construction industry.

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